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One of the most asked questions about gluten intolerance is: can you still eat cookies, pies and bread? Of course you can still eat all of that. The funny fact is that all these treats can be made without gluten. The most important part is: to let go of expectations while baking. That being said, there is some confusion about the word ‘flour’ and the meaning of it. Most of us think of wheat flour when we see or read a label with the word ‘flour’. When actually it is a powder ground up from nuts, grains, beans and so on. It is not specifically a wheat containing product. Don’t let the word flour scare you. There are are lot of gluten-free flours.

Unfortunately replacing gluten-containing flour for a gluten-free one is not that simple. Gluten-free baked products tend to be more dry and crumbly. To bake the most delicious breakfast cookies, pies and so on, you will need to combine 2 or 3 flours together. Add some almond or coconut flour to moisture your dough.

In some cases it is possible to just use a single flour. Have you read the post about the buckwheat pancakes? Go check it out.

As a gluten-free foodie it is always important to read the label of the product. Just to be sure it does not contain gluten-containing ingredients.

Gluten-free flourFlours gluten-free

There are many types of gluten-free flours. What kind of flour you choose mainly depends on what you are about to make. Some of the flours I frequently use:

Buckwheat flour
One of my favorite gluten-free flour is Buckwheat. It is well known for its nutty taste. Did you know that it actually is a fruit seed and not a wheat? By the strong natural binding of buckwheat, you can easily use this as a single flour. This is the perfect kind of flour to bake delicious pancakes.

Oat flour
This flour is the solution for almost everything. From breakfast cake, cookies to pancakes, everything is possible with this kind of flour. I often mix this flour with gluten-free oat flakes for a crunchy bite. Easy to combine because of the natural flavor. A definitely must for baking.

Almond Flour
Almond flour is very popular because it is relatively low in carbohydrates. This flour is next to gluten-free also Paleo proof. It is simply made of ground up almonds. This type of flour also adds moistness to your baked products.

What types of flours do you like?

XO Lindsay

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