Buckwheat pancakes for champs

Who is ready for a buckwheat pancake party? Pancake lovers this one is for you!

Weekends are for buckwheat pancakes. It may take some time in the early morning, but I will assure you it is definitely worth it. Pancakes are a great choice for breakfast. Pick some delicious toppings, a cup of tea or coffee and you are ready to go. The perfect way to fill your belly.

For gluten-free pancakes you can use many different types of flours.  Most of the time I choose for buckwheat flour. Mainly because I really like the nutty taste and you can use buckwheat as a single flour. Easy peasy!

Are you ready to become a pancake champ?

You can use all the toppings you like, that is what I love the most about eating pancakes. It really is some kind of art: creating the most perfect little pancakes.

For my toppings I used some strawberries, coconut palm sugar and peanut butter. If you want more protein you can add some quark or yoghurt to the side.

How do you like your pancakes?

XO Lindsay

Gluten-free buckwheat pancakes

: 8
: 10 min
: 15 min
: Super Easy

A great way to fill your belly.


  • 45 g buckwheat flour
  • 1 medium egg
  • 150 ml unsweetened almond milk
  • 5 ml coconut oil or olive oil for coating the skillet
  • Step 1 Mix together: the buckwheat flour, almond milk and one egg. Mix the batter until it gets a smooth mixture.
  • Step 2 Preheat your skillet over medium heat and brush it with a little bit of coconut oil or olive oil. Make sure the skillet is well heated.
  • Step 3 Then ladle the batter into the preheated skillet and cook for 2 minutes. Flip the pancake and cook the other side for another 2 minutes until the pancake is brown. Repeat this until there is no more batter left.

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